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Friday, July 8, 2011

Get the Final Version of the All-New Free Avast 6.0.1203 Antivirus

All-New Free Avast Antivirus 6.0.1203

The Final Version of All-New Free Avast Antivirus 6.0.1203 is useful and very economical for most computer and internet users. Meanwhile there are higher ratings of this version by softonic and cnet download websites having been proved of its higher security efficiency towards protecting computer files and programs from viruses and spyware.

Avast 6.0.1203 Antivirus has 8 main customizable real-time shields which serves as a watch to keep your PC safe from all sources of threats be it from the Internet usages like web browsing, instant messaging, e-mail,P2P and many more channels. The real-time shields built in Avast 6.0.1203 Antivirus Version is systematically designed to be enabled or disabled either manually by the user or automatically sometimes when having system restore conflict.

Apart from enhanced Window interface of the Avast 6.0.1203 Antivirus which is made user-friendly, two more interesting features where added to it. These are the Web reputation and the Auto Sandbox. The Web Reputation is initially found in AVG Antivirus and was borrowed to alert to internet users on the genuineness of any visiting site while the Auto Sandbox allows internet users to run on suspicious websites/ webpages without being harmed by their threats.

The innovation so far by avast is something great and fabulous and far more helping internet users and computer users get good access to the computers and the internet with the enhanced tools embedded in the All-New Free Avast Antivirus.

Get a copy of the All-New Free Avast 6.0.1203 Antivirus today here and enjoy the best offer from Avast. For more information on this post, feel free to drop your comments below this page.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

PaidMailNigeria now offers Every Nigerian the privilege to earn real money online

Many online paid companies are there on the web but are designed to suite a class of people or for particular regions mostly from the developed nations in the Europe, America, Asia and Australasia. Thanks to PaidMailNigeria for such a wonderful opportunity to create avenue of wealth by copying the same format of earning online and channeling it to fit in to the Nigerian system. Note here that this is made so easy for every internet users whether you browse you’re your phone or your personal computer (laptop, desktop or palm held). The most fascinating thing here is that you surf the web following simple ‘abc’ instructions and then get paid in your local currency.

You may wish to print out this article to carefully read it before you proceed to register at PaidMailNigeria. Now, check out this; if you are some how bored and not having what to do with your e-mail box, or maybe not much mail streams in, well you can try PaidMailNigeria where you can get mails from them and participate in reading mails, taking online surveys, trying brand name products or even shopping online as all these now pays you in your local currency.

What do I do on PaidMailNigeria to Make Money?
I have just explained it briefly on the previous paragraph but I still have to elaborate more on this. PaidMailNigeria pays you for the followings:-
1. PaidMailNigeria pays you for Signing up (N100 per registration).

2. You will be surprise to see your points going higher and higher just when you participate in Online Survey which your middle-man ‘PaidMailNigeria’ offers you. So please keep on checking your mail box for daily offers from PaidMailNigeria.

3. PaidMailNigeria provides promotions in form of adverts and so when you receive them via your e-mail and read or click the adverts in form of banners from PaidMailNigeria, you are being paid for your time.

4. Test brand name products like Pepsi, coca-cola, Guinness and what have you and be rewarded for your time.

5. Do online shopping and have your price reduced just for being a member.

6. A like this last but not the least. Do you that when you promote this site by inviting for people through the ID referrers’ link given to you, more money is attracted to your nitch. So why not start today, it’s just simple and user friendly.

Click here to signup today and get your first N100 free. Glad you will have a reason to rejoice and write me back.

How do PaidMailNigeria make their Money?

This is just straight forward. PaidMailNigeria are hugely rewarded by affiliate companies where all they offer you comes from. In that case, PaidMailNigeria is like a middle-man between you and several websites to pays PaidMailNigeria for helping them in advertisement.

How do I get paid?
You can be paid anytime, any day provided you make the minimum payout of N1, 000. The problem incurred by most internet users on the payment of fund with foreign currencies is completely cancelled in PaidMailNigeria. This time around, you are being paid in your local currency (Naira) either through direct money transfers to your bank account where you will be asked to provide your Bank details (to include Bank Name, Account Name, Bank Account No.) or by check which often takes several hours to process.

What are the rules to keep you earning and not disqualified?
Every organized system has its guiding principle to follow to keep it running smoothly. A lot of people may wish to play ‘mago-mago’ (pranks) by trying to register more than once. But this, I assure you do not work out that way as your computer IP to registered hence you join PaidMailNigeria. Again, if you think you are a smart type that sends your referrer’s ids in form bulk mail (scam messages) then you are automatically disqualified. If you use you link on any media or social forums like twitter, facebook, or mywebspace, you too will be disqualified.

How then do I earn extra cash through my promotion referrer’s link?
Yes, if you will be so observant, you find out the magic I have used to get your attention to this article. I have a blog and a website to promote PaidMailNigeria. Now if you have none, why not try This is absolutely free to get. Write intensive articles and add PaidMailNigeria referrer’s banners as HTML codes which they provide all members to display on your blog or website usually at the right side of the browser window to track more numbers of viewers. See the diagram below for a clearer view.

In this case when someone reads your article and see on the advert, he or she may be prompted to click and signup at PaidMailNigeria. In this case you have referred to person.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Earn $$$ through article writings and submission

This free article is an insight for newbie who wish to earn a living through article writing and submission.Firstly, I would like you to pay attention to this and get every necessary step taken to earn a living through writing. There are lots of article submission directories where you can submit your article. Some good examples are the followings:,,,, and many more.

Meanwhile there are things you consider while signing up in any of these directories that pays real money for just your writing. One unique idea you should have in my is how much money can you make for publishing one article in few minutes or hours as they case may be? Another is how many people are to view (share) my article within a day. Remembers that they key important thing here is that for you to make more money, you article must be viewed or shared by many more internet users. Again, you should know how much your article worth and the right channel or site to resell it. Beginners must also find out whether they are legible enough to register to any of these article submission sites and also check whether the available and convenient ways of online payments are secured. With these points you can start up something.Let me go straight to the point and reveal to you what I have used all these while. I am a member publisher with the Associated Content (AC) for over three years now but then I have problem of payment via PayPal and so I have reduced the number of articles I publish on their website. In 2008, I joined the Triond Publishers which until date have so much enjoyed.

Triond offers you the freedom to write and submit any article of your choice so after review is published on their website and other affiliate websites. Triond has made me a perfect and confident writer since after my signing up in late 2008. The benefits are immeasurable because the writer gains lots of royalties and payments done on every 15 days of the month. A message alert of your monthly payment is sent to you via your e-mail on that D-day (15th day of the month). At Triond too newbie develops more talents and skill in writing and share views and opinions with other members via the Triond online forum centre. Is this not amazing? What else do you want when you have this website for you to at least get paid that will do you for a day? After all ‘give us this day our daily bread’ is enough for those who asked rightly. Go immediately at and sign up. See the following simple illustrations on how you start creating your Triond account.

Open your web browser usually Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox …
At the address bar type and hit the ENTER Key or click on the GO Button.

On this webpage, Just enter 3 details i.e. your desired Username e.g. johncalley, your desired password e.g. abc123 which appears like this "******", and finally your E-mail Address. Click on "Sign Up" to register.
Once you have completed all these then you are set for the menial job that will earn you money. Ensure you download the Triond Terms and Conditions and read it thoroughly. Remember, you will earn more when you ensure huge page views and so you got to do more work to earn more. There are social networks where you network, make friends and all that. You have to sign up to any of them like the followings:,,,,, and more other sites.

NOTE: * Registering in two or more of these social networks is not restricted and so sharing your articles with two or more social networks means many times normal page views you will have per day let alone in a week or month.

You can calculate the amount you earn a day with the number of page view that counts for you. To further maximize your profit, you got to get a blog to repost your favourite articles and then signup for google adsence. Find out more about google adsence and how much you make with google adsence within a day and then in weeks and months. Thank you.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Get it Right

Making the Right Choice to Look Good
It's wonderful to get the best style for your personality


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